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Acrylic Book Vase - Decorative Clear Flower Vase for Home & Office Decor, Perfect for Bookshelf & Tabletop

Acrylic Book Vase - Decorative Clear Flower Vase for Home & Office Decor, Perfect for Bookshelf & Tabletop

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Show the Charm of Literature:

Are you looking for the perfect vase for your study, office or your living room? This book vase is great way to show off your literary love and It's perfect gift for book lovers, as its inspired by books. The shape of the vases for centerpieces imitates the design of books. It is undoubtedly a modern creative work with great artistic and cultural flavor. A room without books is incomplete. Let this multi-purpose book vase for flowers add book-like fun to any space and to your book shelf decor. Acrylic book vase for flowers is known for its transparency, designed for book aesthetics and is a beautiful and practical choice for displaying flowers in a variety of settings, from home decor to special events.

High-Quality Material & Durability:

Our book vase is designed with high quality acrylic material with a thickness of 3mm, which is not only very light but safer and not fragile. You will be surprised when you insert the flowers, perfect for a bouquet of flowers or as a desktop accessory. And it can be perfectly integrated with the book, if you do not pay attention to observation, it may be considered as a book.

Multi-Functional Use:

Fill it with beautiful fresh flowers, Dried Flowers, Orchids, Pearls, pebbles, Branches, Bouquets, Art Flowers, Tulip, Lily, Sunflowers, Art Plants, Dried Plants, Pampas Grass or use it for storage for your stationary or make up brushes and can be used as glass vase for flowers. It can also be used to store items such as letters, trinkets, or other small keepsakes. With its charming design and versatile functionality, this book vase and storage box will add a touch of sophistication to any room in the home. L5.9"xW1.6"xH7.9", the compact size of the vase makes it perfect for display on a bookshelf, desk, or tabletop, adding value to your desk decor aesthetic

Perfect Decoration:
A simple way to freshen your home decor and brighten up any corner of your homes such as living room, bedroom, entryway, office, kids' room, or any interior places which require a drop of time. Subtle enough to blend in to any space but instantly bringing an elegant, classy feel to the room. Not only for Flower Vase, home decoration, restaurant decoration, flower shop decoration, office decoration, Desktop Bouquet Holder, and we believe it is a perfect gift. This clear vase give a sense of aesthetic in your decor. Acrylic book shaped vase can be used in a variety of settings, such as home decor, office decor, bookstores, libraries, and events. They are a versatile and unique way to display books, making them both functional and decorative.

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